Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Five Minutes alone with the President of the United States...What would you ask him?

Clock is ticking. Be concise. What issue are you most passionate about? What do you want him to know? What issue needs his attention?

How much would you pay for the privilege? We have your in, if you have the money...

As of now you have 7 days, 2 hours and 23 minutes to bid on meeting President Elect Obama during the Inauguration, as offered up on Charity Buzz.

Starting rate is $47,500, and - as of now - the next maximum bid is $52,500.

Apparently meeting Obama is worth a cool $80,000. Plus, the cash given for this oh-so exclusive opportunity goes directly to charity so you can have a guilt-free meet-and-greet.

What this all entail exactly - after the jump.

**Attendees must be legal US residents. Convicted felons are not eligible to attend.**

You and your honored guest will attend the 2009 Presidential Inauguration, Presidential Inauguration Balls and the events surrounding them. The week-long events take place January 15-January 20, 2009.

With national voter turnout breaking records, we are proud to offer an historic opportunity to become part of history. Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States and his Inauguration will be truly historic. This package includes:

- Exclusive VIP seating at the Inauguration

- A chance to meet the newly-elected President and Vice President

- Photo opportunities with the newly elected President and Vice President

- Invitation only private, sponsored corporate functions the week of the Inauguration

- Invitation-only various private Republican and Democratic events the week of the Inauguration

- Photo opportunities and social events with members of the Senate, Congress and various VIP's

- Meals that are served during scheduled events

- An autograph of the newly elected President

- Transportation to and from your hotel and scheduled events during the January 15-January 20 time period

- Attendance at various Inauguration Week Balls including: Democracy Ball, Stars and Stripes Ball, Patriot Ball, Independence Ball, Constitution Ball, Commander-In-Chief Ball, Freedom Ball, and Liberty Ball.

- Package winner must be a legal resident of the US and submit to a police background check and be approved by the United States Secret Service. Convicted felons or anyone on the no fly list will not be allowed to attend. Please note that since many of the balls take place simultaneously, the winner will make selections as to which ball they wish to attend.

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SenorSavvy said...

Mr. President: What is your favorite charity to donate to? If you sponsor a child - Where and with whom? What do you know about World Vision?