Monday, December 15, 2008

Should President Bush Pardon the flip flop throwing Iraqi?

A farewell gesture from the Iraqi press, not one but two flying shoes directly at the head.

"Shoe-throwing Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi, a reporter with Cairo-based network Al Baghdadia Television, had experienced first-hand the brutal violence that consumed Iraq last year, reports the Washington Post:

Zaidi, colleagues said, was kidnapped by Shiite militiamen last year and was later released.

In an eyewitness account of the shoe-throwing incident, Modest Bee reporter Adam Ashton reports that Bush and Maliki had just finished their speeches and were preparing to take questions from the Iraqi media, who "have never had a chance to ask a question to the American president" when "the shoes started flying." Now the questions is:

Should George Bush Pardon Muntadar al-Zaidi?

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SenorSavvy said...

Absolutely. Have some character and turn the other cheek.