Monday, February 9, 2009

Repatriate Corporate Earnings abroad....

Should the US lower the tax rate for corporations temporarily on repatriated earnings?
John Mauldin writes:

"US companies have so much money squirreled away that Allen Sinai of Decision Economics concluded that, if the US lowered tax rates temporarily on repatriated earnings, companies would repatriate US$545 billion. There is a precedent for this: we saw US companies bring home $360 billion in 2004 as a result of the temporary 5% tax rate contained in the American Jobs Creation Act. (Sent to me by Louis Gave of GaveKal, whose work will be highlighted in next Monday's Outside the Box)
Why not set a 10% tax rate to simply bring the money home, and a 5% rate if they use it for capital spending or to create jobs? Now that is stimulus that would actually result in more taxable income! And that money did help to create a boom in 2004. On an aside, this just goes to show how out of balance the US corporate tax system is."

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